Today in the course, Creating for the Dome, we did something amazing with the dome. I could not say it felt more immersive than a couple weeks ago when we lowered the dome almost all the way to the floor, climbed underneath, and walked fulldome movies while we lay on our backs. That was pretty cool. This had the same visual and aural immersive feeling, but with an element of vastness like looking over the Grand Canyon. We placed the dome at 90° and rolled out the portable stairs.

The top of the stairs lined up with the zenith of the dome. One person at a time would go to the top of the stairs to have a unique view of the immersive environment. It was fascinating to be that close to the high-resolution image – to see the detail in color as the moving image as it literally engulfed each person.

See the images below of students enjoying this experience. I especially like the photo of Aaron Natewa standing in the middle of the work he created for the dome.

immerisve media

Student Aaron Natewa really gets into his work.